Our Team

The Podorunners Team was born as an association of podiatry specialists so that you can enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest.


We are a group of specialists, with extensive TRAINING and EXPERIENCE and above all with great ILLUSION for our profession, the PODOLOGY, in their different fields and to be able to be close to your problem and to help you

We are experts in the understanding, study and BIOMECHANICAL ANALYSIS of your feet, their needs and their relation with the legs and the rest of the body. We will carefully study your pathology and how to offer you real and reliable alternatives

All partners in this project have proven experience in the sector. We want to advise and take care of your feet in a close and professional way.

We offer you a list of professionals who can give you biomechanical alternatives, general foot care or surgical advice. Check your website or phone and ask for your problem before going as we each have a training and technical measures that enable us for different treatments.

Contact us without obligation and ask us your doubts, we will advise you so that running is not a problem for your feet.

Nuestros servicios

These are just some of the services we offer

  1. Biomecánica del pie

    The foot and ankle are the anatomical structures that support and transmit the forces of reaction of the soil to the rest of the body, assuming the physical exercise a mechanical stress on which it will respond adaptively, taking into account the intrinsic parameters of its context (sports modality, symmetry Of the technical gesture, corporal composition of the subject, etc).

    Quantitative evaluation methods for foot biomechanics and plantar footprint are an important aid in identifying the foot’s morphological characteristics, providing important information on possible injury risks. Therefore, the most relevant anatomical aspects of this structure will be addressed together with a systematic review of the current methodology, selecting those with greater consensus and reproducibility.

  2. Asesoramiento deportivo

    Advice should begin by conducting an analysis to your client, how do people see such an athlete? How is this athlete really? Being able to see the differences between the two answers and try to settle these differences. If we get people to see us as we want, they will create links that will last in the long term, being able to have future

  3. Cirugía del pie

    We offer a reliable surgical alternative under local anesthesia with the latest techniques and technology for your bunions and fingers in claw with great aesthetic results and especially functional and with a quick recovery eliminating the pain in your feet.

  4. Patologías podológicas

    We treat dermal pathologies (callosities, warts, papillomas), biomechanical (insoles), surgical (bunions, claw toes, ingrown toenails), diabetic foot, etc.

Nuestra visión

WE ARE NOT A COMMERCIAL CHAIN, with goals and numbers, we are the synergy of colleagues who enjoy their profession. Our goal is just YOUR FEET.

Some of us also perform FOOT SURGERY, to correct deformities and PATHOLOGY such as hallux valgus or “jaw”, claw toe, Morton neuromas

Through our website you can find your professional

Our Team

¿Qué especialistas están detrás de todo esto?


Historia de Podorunners.com

Agosto 2016

Durante el verano de 2016 nace Podorunner.com una idea de Álvaro Sanabria

Octubre 2016

En Octubre 2016 se unen a Podorunners los Doctores: Luke D. Cicchinelli, Rogelio Diz, Francisco Casado, Beatriz Orcajo y Julio J. López Morales

Diciembre 2016

El proyecto Podorunners avanza y consigue que grandes profesionales como: Eduardo Simón, Fran Monzó, Javier Fernández, Gonzalo Barros, David Cid, Alfonso Martínez, Jaime Moral, Juan Antonio Sáez y Lorenzo Florencio Barroso, Antonio Figueiredo, Sandra Kaspar, Joan Termens. ¡Un fenomenal equipo!