Trust your podiatrist Podorunner expert in this field.

The foot and ankle support an immense load and comprise an enormous concentration of joints, muscles, nerves and vessels, ligaments and muscular insertions that make of this part of the body one of the most complex and whose relation between them generates a great amount of pathology And painful deformities.

That is why the exhaustive knowledge of the foot justifies our existence as a profession fully dedicated to the foot and throughout our working life requires constant updating in our knowledge and the application of highly variable surgical techniques.

There are chiropodist in Podorunners with a high specialization in the surgical compo in whose hands you can trust and that can advisarte and carry out multiple techniques to correct deformities in your feet.



This specialty of podology is responsible for the study and behavior of the foot and the entire lower limb.

Podorunners professionals, specially prepared and in constant contact with this field of work, will be able to evaluate your feet and lower limbs, their alterations and deviations to treat many ailments and to prevent a multitude of potential future injuries

Through different physical explorations, with pressure and / or radiological platforms you can perform multiple treatments, if necessary, mainly through personalized templates of very different materials that counterbalance the unbalanced gestures in your foot and ankle.


The care and maintenance of your feet, their callosities, hyperkeratosis, verrucous lesions such as the known papillomas will no longer be a problem in the hands of our careful podologos who will pamper your feet so that you can enjoy them and look as it deserves this suffering part of our body.


This is undoubtedly one of the main podiatry battlefields and an important field for the public health contribution of the population and there are already some units of diabetic foot for prevention and treatment in some cities.

Diabetes is a pathology in which the body has problems generating insulin, a hormone that allows the metabolism of glucose or sugar in the body.

With the passage of time this glucose overload generates circulatory alterations in small and large arteries that are calcified by decreasing the flow or blood supply and nutrition of the tissues, more pronounced the more narrow and distant the vessels are (reason why the Foot is one of the most affected). The synthesis of collagen and its structure are also affected, making it difficult to heal damaged tissues and chronifying the lesions. In addition the immune response becomes deficient or suppressed making the patient vulnerable to infection.

Unfortunately all these decompensation factors coupled with the parallel sensory alteration that the foot suffers facilitate the injury and processes of infection or gangrene and the amputation of parts of the foot or the entire foot.

It is enormously important to work in prevention and the podiatrist is the qualified professional in prevention, care and advice to avoid foot injuries.

In numerous occasions a correct analysis of pressures and discharge of areas of pressure susceptible to ulcerate by means of insoles, silicone protectors or the periodical care of the foot can save to the patient injuries, long and heavy treatments and cures or surgeries and amputations.